velocityfarm is a design studio based in Athens.
We shape brands, businesses and products using a purposeful integral approach.

We design concepts and products that shape your brand, its physical, digital and web presence. Our work includes the design and development of tailor made solutions as well as creative and art direction.

We also provide brand strategy consulting and we collaborate with selected professionals.

This integrated approach allows us to do our best work so we can provide coherent and consistent results that will enable your brand and your business to grow and evolve.
We work with any company, brand or individual that shares our values, philosophy and vision and we always aspire to form meaningful long lasting relationships with our clients.

Our client list includes small and family owned businesses, startups, medium and large corporations, nonprofits and organizations. We are also heavily invested in collaborations and experimental projects .

We also do pro bono work for selected organizations, artists or goals.
Velocityfarm started as a collaboration between Ioannis K, Erripis and Vangelis Pothos in 2004. For more than 15 years we have completed numerous projects of a very wide variety, always working closely with our clients.

We are as excited as ever with each new project we undertake, but we are also very proud when we look back at many of the strong relationships of many years that we have formed with our clients.

Ioannis .K. Erripis
[co-founder] - lead designer

Vangelis Pothos
[co-founder] - lead developer

We work with selected partners in various projects and we are always open for collaboration, feel free to contact us!
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