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AUAI – new brand

This is the new logo for the Association for the Understanding of Artificial Intelligence or AUAI, a non-profit dedicated to providing free, high-quality information, direct from AI experts based in the UK.

Wakefield’s – design for a cookie shop

brief presentation of the work we've done for Wakefields, a new bakery shop specialized on cookies, cookie dough, cookie milkshakes and other similar products.

Pieris family card

This is a very particular project, designing a family card is as personal as it gets.

Starting a small fun daily project!

What’s better than new year’s resolution? Starting a daily project for the new year and beyond !

Thoughts on showcasing work

A collection of thoughts, what to display, how to do it and most importantly why.

Brochure design and product photography for Akron-Hellas

An 8-page brochure , designed on the occasion of AUTO TEC expo

Designing for 2019 Robot Launch startup competition

Since 2014, Robohub and Silicon Valley Robotics organize a competition for robotic startups. We designed its graphics package since its first year.

Deep Pixelation

A visual style with an overwhelming digital look.

hello world!

This is our new blog.

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