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a platform for science communication is a joint project of Robohub and AIhub that provides training and education for scientists, researchers and engineers that work on robotics and AI and want to improve their communication skills and make their work more approachable to the public.


We designed the brand and the website with a simple bold look, considering the target group of this field. This is a new project and because of the tailor-made nature of its process the brand had to be simple and very flexible.

last update: July 2023 - v.01


Before designing the logo, we have to figure out the exact name, the project is about science communication so after exploring a variety of options with our colleagues on Robohub and AIhub we chose scicomm. The logo is an array of pixels that can be legible even if a very small size and at its simplest form with just the first letter ‘s’.


The website is simple and easily accessible, it features the team behind scicomm and also a blog with videos produced by scicomm with insights from experts on robotics, AI and science communication in general.



Youtube is a great application of the brand, as you can see below the icon is discreet yet distinctive.



The logo in all its forms may look very simple but it was extensively researched in order to have the necessary balance and visual impact, the logo drafts have an interesting result that can be used occasionally as a visual element.


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