Akron Hellas

mechanical seals and parts

Akron Hellas is a company based in Athens, for more than fifty years they are providing solutions in mechanical seals for industrial, automotive, and naval use. Akron Hellas is also a large supplier of automotive spare parts and various other industrial products. They also provide know how and engineering input to their clients. It is a company with a great history and a large loyal customer base.


This is one of our most complete projects, we started working with Akron Hellas in 2014 and we immediately took responsibility for the brand identity, web presence and many other applications. We have a continuous collaboration all these years that allow us to follow every aspect of their corporate functions, from minor details to large scale projects. Everything you see in this presentation here is created by us. We have designed Akron’s all new logo and brand, various graphics (many of them detailed engineering schematics or 3D depictions of components and mechanisms), product photos, print material, catalogs, ads, product labels and many more.

last update: March 2023 - v.02


The logo is the core of the brand, the ‘A’ is inspired by the cross section of a rotary shaft seal (Akron-Hellas core product). The name is a bit tricky to present, it’s not instantly clear what the company does and the second part is an integral to the company. We proposed a very small but precise tagline, ‘seals & parts’ that is visible wherever the size and placement of the logo allows it. That small addition was very helpful and became a very brief but precise introduction to the company.



We recently launched a new website for Akron Hellas that is continuously growing and evolving to become a portal for all their activities.



This is an array of some of the many mechanical seal cross sections we have designed. We worked with Akron Hellas and we translated all the raw material and input they gave us to a consistent family of icons that accurately represent the profile of each seal while clearly show its specific properties.


Some of our most elaborate work for Akron Hellas are the design of product catalogs. Apart from presenting the data tables in a clear and easy to read format, we created detailed graphics and 3D depictions that explain the use of each family of products, engineering cross sections of every seal, and schematics. We have also photographed most of their products and have created a photo library of high definition photos that can be used in applications like that.


Apart from the stationary documents, we have designed templates for invoices, notebooks, packaging tapes and even digital wallpapers for the telephone devices the company is using. The corporate identity design framework allows us to produce any template, quickly and with consistency.









Akron Hellas launched a product line for professionals, the labels were designed for that specific purpose, they are discreet and clearly labeled with a focus on safety markings. The Akron Hellas brand is secondary but discretely visible through the design consistency of the templates.







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